Honor 30S review
Honor 30S review

Honor 30S full review: the first new god U Kirin 820, with a 64-megapixel camera

Honor 30S full review

The launch of the Kirin 820 allows the Honor 30S to basically reach the highest level of this price in terms of performance. The daily experience is smooth and there is no pressure to play conventional mobile games. Coupled with good camera standards, a relatively thin and light body, and an aesthetic online appearance, the Honor 30S is enough to impress users with less demanding performance requirements, but who value the overall experience. _

Yesterday evening, Honor officially released the Honor 30S and debuted with the Kirin 820 5G chip. We have already got this phone in advance for Honor 30S full review, what is the performance of this phone? Is it worth buying?

Honor 30S Decent appearance and screen

On the front is a 6.5-inch holed full screen, there is a front camera opening in the upper left corner of the front, the screen material is LCD, the resolution is 2400 × 1080, the ratio is 20: 9, and the typical brightness can reach 450 nits. The screen is relatively transparent, and there is no strange vignetting at the hole, but there will still be a slight shadow at the edge of the screen. Overall satisfactory, but this wide jaw is a bit unacceptable.

The upper left corner is a rectangular rear camera module, which is also the current mainstream rear camera module arrangement scheme. The words “64MP / 3X TELE” below indicate that this camera module has a 64-megapixel main camera and a zoom lens that supports 3x optical zoom. Regarding the quality of the Honor 30S camera, we will evaluate it in detail in the camera section below.

The frame is made of plastic material and is frosted. This design is almost standard in mobile phones at the same price. Due to the LCD screen, the Honor 30S is not equipped with an under-screen fingerprint. It uses capacitive side fingerprint recognition and is integrated with the power button and distributed on the same side as the volume button.

Honor 30S Decent appearance and screen

At the bottom, the “extremely advanced” 3.5mm headphone jack is reserved. To the right, there is a USB-C port and speaker openings. The Honor 30S full review is equipped with a single speaker, and the top earpiece cannot be used as a speaker.

Honor 30S Design

The first launch of Kirin 820, new mid-range model “Shen U”

One of the highlights of the Honor 30S is the new Kirin 820 5G chipset. This chipset uses a 7nm process. The CPU uses a combination of “1 A76 large core + 3 A76 mid-core + 4 A55 small cores” The core frequency is up to 2.36GHz. The GPU uses a customized Mali-G576 core. In addition, the CPU also integrates the latest NPU developed by Huawei, which means that Kirin has stronger AI capabilities.

We ran a point with Antutu and Geekbench5, Antutu focused on the overall performance of the phone, Geekbench5 focused on the CPU performance of the phone. Honor 30S’s Antutu score was 385101, Geekbench5’s single-core score was 630, and the multi-core score was 2423.

In fact, the performance of the Kirin 820 has far exceeded that of the previous generation Kirin 810. From the Geekbench5 performance score that better reflects the performance of the CPU, the multi-core performance of the Kirin 820 is even close to Qualcomm ’s previous flagship Snapdragon 855. distance. However, in terms of performance alone, it is no problem to call the Kirin 820 “Generation God U”.

Honor 30S Performance

Honor 30S Performance

In terms of data read and write performance, we refer to AndroBench’s running scores. The continuous reading speed of Honor 20S is 780.29MB / s, and the continuous writing speed is 431.3MB / s, which is quite satisfactory.

Of course, the running score does not completely represent the daily experience, we actually have a few games to try.

The first is “Glory of the King”, the picture quality and resolution are adjusted to the highest, and the high frame rate mode is turned on.

During the 13-minute game, I did not encounter any stuttering. The experience of the entire game is very good, without any problems. The actual measured average frame rate is 60.1. Most mid-range models can run “Glory of the King” smoothly. It is not surprising that the game process of the Honor 30S full review is so smooth. Moreover, there was no obvious fever during the entire game.

For “Peace Elite”, which has higher performance requirements, we turn on the “smooth + ultra-high frame rate” mode, turn on anti-aliasing and shadows, and turn off smooth adaptation, which is also the highest picture quality supported by the Honor 30S by default.

In this mode, “Peace Elite” can run perfectly and smoothly, and there are no stalls or dropped frames in the 18-minute game.

In fact, the game can be cracked to a higher picture quality and frame rate, but it should be noted that there will be obvious frame drops when riding the vehicle, and some lag will be felt in the actual game. It can be seen that the Kirin 820 is still somewhat difficult compared to the flagship chip in this large game.

Kirin 820 Vs 765G Performance

Compared with the Honor 30S equipped with Kirin 820, the performance of the Snapdragon 765G mobile phone is even worse. The frame rate fluctuations in the entire game are larger than that of the Kirin 820. There will also be obvious frame drops when using the vehicle. On the whole, in actual experience, Kirin 820 can easily hang the same positioning of the Snapdragon 7 series processor, but it is slightly weaker than the previous generation Snapdragon 8 series.

At present, the performance of the Honor 30S full review is basically no rival in the same price mobile phone, there is no problem in the daily experience, and the performance requirements are not particularly strict. As for the first Kirin 820 chip, with the subsequent release of Honor’s mid-range and low-end models, it may come to lower-priced models. At that time, the competition will be particularly lively.

In the past two years, Qualcomm, which has become the overlord on the mobile side, gradually has a tendency to “squeeze the toothpaste.” Kirin 820 won Qualcomm’s strongest mid-end chip 765G in one fell swoop, making Qualcomm a bit powerless at this position. It is hoped that Qualcomm facing this pressure will release more powerful products in the future. Of course, this is undoubtedly the most beneficial to consumers.

Honor 30S Large 4000mAh battery

The Honor 30S is equipped with a large 4000mAh battery and supports the Rhine-certified 40W super-fast charging solution. We actually measured that it can charge 67% of electricity in 30 minutes, which is not much different from the official 70%. This charging speed allows us to takes 65 minutes to fully charge the battery to a usable level in a short time.

In terms of battery life, with auto-brightness turned off and manually adjusted to the brightest case, swipe for 30 minutes of vibrato, browse for 30 minutes of Weibo, WeChat and browser, 2 hours of 720P online video, 1 hour of HDR + limit frame rate “Peace Elite” 》 The power consumption is 8%, 9%, 21%, and 32% respectively. After 4 hours of use, 30% of the power is left.

Honor 30S 64-megapixel main camera with good imaging quality

Honor 30S rear-mounted 64 million high-definition main camera (1 / 1.7 inches, f / 1.8) + 8 million telephoto (f / 2.4, 3x optical zoom) + 8 million super wide-angle (f / 2.4, 120 ° super wide-angle) + 2 million macro lens. It is worth mentioning that the 3x optical zoom camera is still the first time on this price mobile phone. By default, the camera turns on the AI ​​function, can give suggestions during the shooting process, and can optimize the quality of the photos taken.

The picture below is a comparison of when AI is turned on and off. From the picture, when the AI ​​is turned on, the overall quality of the photo has been improved. Considering that AI can also give useful shooting suggestions according to different scenes, the default AI can be kept in the daily shooting, and the proofs behind us are also shot with AI turned on.

The following is a sample taken during the day. Due to the rain on the day of shooting, the light is not as good as a sunny day.

Wide-angle mode

Wide-angle mode

The quality of the proofs straight out at the wide-angle end is still not very good, the ground has a problem of excessive sharpening, and the overall noise is relatively large. The leaves on the right have been painted more clearly. However, the distortion of the photo is fairly well controlled.

Standard mode

Standard mode

The standard mode sample is a 64-megapixel four-in-one composite sample, the overall quality is not bad, the ground details are obviously more natural, the leaves on the right are not too severely painted, and the overall color reproduction is more accurate.

3x zoom mode

3x zoom mode

The quality of the 3x optical zoom lens for the first time at this price is still good. The quality of the photos taken by the 3x zoom is acceptable, but the color is a bit cold.

5x zoom mode

5x zoom mode

The photos taken in 5x zoom mode feel more like those obtained by digital cropping, with some loss of detail and some cold colors. This should be determined by the characteristics of this 3x optical zoom lens.

64 million pixels (without AI turned on)

Honor 30S 64 million pixels (without AI turned on)

Rong 30S can output 64-megapixel photos, but the entrance is more troublesome, you need to find “more> high-pixel mode” in the camera, you can only take 64-megapixel photos after opening, more pixels can retain more details, Therefore, the overall details of photos taken in the 64-megapixel mode are richer than the default mode.

64 million pixels (with AI turned on)

64 million pixels (with AI turned on)

Moreover, Honor also provides a 64-megapixel AI mode, which uses artificial AI algorithms to automatically improve the quality of photos in high-pixel mode. From the proofs taken, the overall saturation has been improved to a certain extent, but the difference is not obvious.

Super macro mode

Honor 30S Super macro mode

Super macro mode can also be turned on in the camera, and the photos will be taken, but the 2-megapixel macro lens has not brought too many surprises, and the overall is within the acceptable range.

Next is the night scene sample, let’s see how the Honor 30S will perform.

Super wide-angle mode

Limited by the quality of the lens, the quality of night shooting in the super wide-angle mode is also not ideal. You can hardly see too much detail in the dark part, and the details of the highlighted part are also retained.

Default mode

The quality of the photos taken in the default mode is relatively good, not only the details of the highlights are kept rich, but also the details of the dark parts can be seen clearly, and the overall picture is also very clean. However, overexposure still occurred in some highlights, and there were obvious sharpening marks on the ground, as well as some noise.

3x zoom

The photos taken in this mode are also satisfactory overall, and the highlights are also acceptable. Of course, compared with the main camera, the details are still worse.

5x zoom

The imaging quality of the 5x zoom is almost the same as the 3x zoom, except that the details of the dark parts are lost so much that they are almost unclear.

Honor 30S Night view mode

After the night view mode is turned on, the overall brightness of the screen has been improved, and the sharpening marks on the ground have also been reduced a lot. The screen remains clean and the overall look and feel are already very good. Different from other brands’ crazy suppression of highlights, the night scene of Honor 30S is more inclined to improve the overall brightness of the picture. It is worth mentioning that the night scene mode can also achieve zoom, which is very rare.

However, in the process of shooting in the night scene mode, you need to maintain your posture for about 6 seconds, imaging also takes about 3 seconds, and taking a photo takes about 10 seconds. This experience is really not good.

64 million pixels (with and without AI turned on)

It must be said that the AI ​​algorithm of the Honor 30S full review is indeed powerful. In the 64-megapixel mode without AI, the imaging quality is not high, and it is even not as good as the default mode. However, after the algorithm is turned on, the effect has been significantly improved, personally feel that the overall look and feel is even better than the night scene mode. Moreover, the waiting time of this mode is also much shorter than the night scene mode, and it only takes about 3 seconds in total.

Conclusion about taking pictures of Honor 30S

Kirin 820 chip has stronger AI performance and stronger, and also uses the same ISP of Kirin 990. But more importantly, while continuing to dig deeper into AI technology, Glory has turned those paper parameters into a daily experience that we can directly perceive. When we talk about the performance of AI and ISP, we are no longer just talking about running scores that don’t make sense.

The quality of the main camera is good, the overall satisfaction is satisfactory, the zoom lens is relatively rare, and the actual performance is not disappointing.

The AI ​​algorithm has a bonus for taking pictures. What is even rarer is that in the 64-megapixel mode, the AI ​​algorithm can be turned on to further improve the imaging quality.

The night scene mode experience is average, and the waiting time of nearly 10 seconds before and after is maddening. I hope that later the system update can be used to reduce the waiting time. It is recommended to use the default mode when there is a need to capture.

Honor 30S Other experiences

1. Side fingerprint recognition

Although the LCD screen can also achieve under-screen fingerprints, unfortunately, the Honor 30S still uses capacitive side fingerprint unlocking. However, the measured fingerprint recognition speed is very fast, the basic second solution, and the unlock accuracy rate is also very high, almost no recognition errors, the overall unlock experience is satisfactory.

2. “Smart dual card” function

When you use a SIM card to answer VoLTE calls, the “smart dual-card” function allows incoming calls from another card to be connected, so you can avoid missing important calls to the greatest extent. Moreover, when one SIM card uses 5G data traffic and another card is connected to a VoLTE phone, the network transmission of the SIM card using data traffic will not be interrupted. Currently, except for Huawei and Glory, other brands of mobile phones do not support this feature. However, Huawei already has a leading advantage in 5G technology, and this function is also reasonable.

3. Grip and feel

After taking a lot of 200g online models, the weight of this phone gave me a lot of happiness. As soon as I got started, I could obviously feel that my hand was much lighter, and I did n’t feel tired after holding it for a long time. The size is also relatively reasonable, one-handed can basically fully grasp.

Honor 30S Conclusion

It is difficult to make a difference at this price of mobile phones, they will make some selling points that make us shine at an attractive price, but there will inevitably be many compromises, we cannot get all ourselves on this price of mobile phones For the desired function, there are more trade-offs.

The launch of the Kirin 820 allows the Honor 30S to basically reach the highest level of this price in terms of performance. The daily experience is smooth and there is no pressure to play conventional mobile games. Coupled with good camera standards, a relatively thin and light body, and an aesthetic online appearance, the Honor 30S is enough to impress users with less demanding performance requirements, but who value the overall experience.

So that was the Honor 30S full review. We hope you will like it.

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