Honor 30 Vs iQOO Neo3
Honor 30 Vs iQOO Neo3

Which is better than Honor 30 Vs iQOO Neo3? 144Hz high-brush screen has a better chance of winning

Honor 30 Vs iQOO Neo3

This April can be said to be quite unsettled. Following the launch of Honor 30, iQOO Neo3, a very popular new machine in the near future, will also be officially released at 14:30 this afternoon. This brand-new 5G flagship is expected by all means with many new technologies exposed, so what surprises does it hide? Before the press conference begins, let’s take a look.


As we all know, iQOO’s flagship has always been very outstanding in terms of performance, and this time iQOO Neo3’s performance in terms of performance has not disappointed everyone. IQOO Neo3 is equipp with the most advanced Snapdragon 865 processor. This chip not only adopts a fine 7nm process technology but also has no small improvements in CPU and power consumption. It can allow users to have better performance Experience. Not only that, but iQOO Neo3 is also equipped with UFS 3.1 ultra-fast flash memory technology, and has many new features such as deep sleep, which can make the speed of mobile phones in various aspects have been improved to a certain extent.

Multi Turbo

Refresh Rate

In addition, iQOO Neo3 is also equipp with a racing screen with a screen refresh rate of up to 144Hz. Thanks to its ultra-high screen refresh rate; it can bring a very smooth and smooth screen display effect, allowing users to have an unprecedented visual experience. Not only that, when playing games, but the touch response speed of the mobile phone will also be effectively improved, so that users can play better in the game. And, by shortening the display process time and the calculation time per frame, the response speed at high frame rates has been greatly improved by nearly 49%. It is worth mentioning that iQOO Neo3 also added a new LTM sunlight screen technology, this powerful technology can also dynamically adjust the contrast and brightness of the display area.

Battery: Honor 30 Vs iQOO Neo3

In terms of battery life, iQOO Neo3 is equipp with a large 4500mAh battery and 44W ultra-fast flash charging technology. Among them, 44W ultra-fast flash charging technology can allow our mobile phone to recover 58% of its power in just 20 minutes, and it takes only 58 minutes to charge the entire mobile phone to a fully charged state.

iQOO Neo3 battery

In order to allow users to have a better user experience, iQOO Neo3 also uses Multi-Turbo 3.0 technology, and with the support of 6 turbo technology, it can effectively optimize the performance of 5G / 4G / Wi-Fi and other multi-network scenarios. Even under the weak field signal, it can reduce the game delay and reduce the high delay rate.

In addition to the highlights mentioned above, iQOO Neo3’s performance in terms of sound quality is also very good. The use of ultra-linear dual speakers and independent Hi-Fi chips can improve the user’s sound experience. Of course, iQOO Neo3 brings us more surprises than that. If you want to know more about iQOO Neo3 news, do not miss the afternoon conference.

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