Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review
Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review

Honor 30 Pro + review: high-swipe screen, dual speakers bring a new gaming experience

Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review

2020 is a year in which high refresh rate screens are truly popular. The top flagship mobile phone screen has evolved from 60Hz to 90Hz, and even more extreme is 120Hz or even 144Hz. Everyone is looking for some different experiences to enhance the overall value of mobile phones. In the experience of this piece, has always been known as Rui Technology, has made GPU Turbo drive the glory of the industry, naturally one of the focuses of users.

Previously, Honor released a new product of the Honor 30 Pro series. Among them, the Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review, which has the strongest comprehensive experience, how does the game perform?

Flagship top

Flagship top

Speaking from the hardware, Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review is equipped with Kirin 990 5G SoC, the industry’s leading 7nm EUV process. HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G not only integrates the 5G Modem into the SoC but also has a smaller area and lower power consumption. The built-in Barong 5000 modem supports NSA / SA dual-architecture TDD / FDD dual-band, which can fully cope with different networks.

The integrated modem design enables HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G to achieve excellent energy efficiency performance. Compared with the current split design, power consumption performance is much higher. Compared with 4G SoC + 5G Modem, the power consumption is even reduced by 20%.

HiSilicon Kirin 990 has built-in self-developed DaVinci architecture NPU flagship chip, which adopts NPU dual-core + NPU micro-core computing architecture. The NPU large core can provide excellent computing power, while the NPU microcore can achieve ultra-low power consumption. In the chip AI evaluation of ETH AI-Benchmark, the integrated score of the AI performance of Kirin 990 5G is 70185, which is much higher than the 29724 scores of Snapdragon 865, which is 2.36 times that of Snapdragon 865.

CPU: Honor 30 pro plus

The CPU part of Kirin 990 5G adopts 2 large cores (based on ARM Cortex-A76) + 2 medium cores (based on ARM Cortex-A76) + 4 small cores (based on ARM Cortex-A55) three-block performance architecture. The maximum frequency of the large core is 2.86GHz, while the medium and small cores can meet the different needs of daily use.

In terms of GPU, HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G adopts 16-core ARM Mali-G76 design, adding system-level Smart Cache offload, can distribute DDR data intelligently, can save 15% of system resources in scenarios such as heavy-load games, and further reduce power consumption.

Gaming Performance

Honor 30 Pro Plus

For different game scenarios, HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G launched Kirin Gaming + 2.0 technology, as well as integrated solutions based on performance, energy efficiency, powerful CPU, GPU, and DDR chips. Among them, Kirin Gaming + 2.0 not only brings an excellent game experience but also incorporates a new GPU fusion scheduling technology, which can dynamically optimize the bottleneck for the key perception of game threads. By learning the big data of game screens with more than 1 million frames, the performance power consumption schedule can be refined into each frame of game screens.

In terms of parameters and technology, the Kirin 990 5G processor carried by the Honor 30 Pro Plus is remarkable, and the comprehensive AI performance is the industry leader. But what about the measured performance of this phone?

Performance measurement

The first is the stability of game performance. This time I chose “Peace Elite”. We tried to use the Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review to run “Peace Elite” with the highest quality. The average frame rate is 59.8, which is already quite smooth. At present, 90 frames have not been adopted, and this aspect needs to be followed up as soon as possible.

Next is battery life. We conducted a two-hour battery life test for the Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review. Among them, the glory of the king consumes 19% of electricity per hour, and the peace elite consumes 21% of electricity per hour. The overall performance is close to the previous 60Hz 4G mobile phone; without the burden of new battery life due to the larger screen and 90Hz. In addition, the Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review has newly added wired + wireless dual super-fast charging and quick return of blood. It can be said that the Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review is a flagship that allows you to enjoy the game without worrying about the battery.

Honor 30 Pro Plus display

VC liquid cooling solution to cool Honor 30 pro plus

Secondly, the Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review has added a VC liquid cooling solution; which will not overheat the phone for a long time. In the actual test, under the environment of 30 ℃ in Guangzhou (without air-conditioning); Heping Elite for 1 hour rose 2.5 ℃ on the front and 5 ℃ on the back. At the end of the game, the temperature difference between the front and back is 2 ° C, and the overall control is still in place.

From a simple game test, the performance of Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review is sufficient to meet the various needs of daily games. For the two mainstream games of Peace Elite and King Glory, the overall performance is satisfactory. However, performance and frame rate performance are not all the mobile gaming experience. Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review also supports dual speakers, which can provide better game sound effects. You can enjoy the game by turning on the dual speakers at home or in a private environment.

Conclusion: Honor 30 pro plus

In 2020, competition for mobile phone product performance across the industry has entered a bottleneck period. Especially for the Android phone, everyone is 7nm, the top processor uses 7nm EUV and the products are gradually used back to the ARM public version architecture. The gap in performance is not big. It even said that if you still insist on 60Hz, the performance of the mobile phone processor is a little surplus.

At this time, manufacturers began to seek victory in other battlefields, such as stronger heat dissipation, more stable performance output, longer endurance, and even faster-charging speed. Glory’s optimization of game performance is comprehensive. From GPU Turbo to Kirin Gaming + 2.0 technologies, it is unique in software optimization. This is also the advantage that Honor has always respected Rui Technology.

In terms of hardware, leading processor technology, mainstream high-refresh-rate screens, dual speakers, linear motors, VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation, and other configurations have been added, making Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review a top-level flagship product for game configuration. Previously, the Honor Digital Series always represented fashion and top-level imaging capabilities and it was not overemphasized in terms of performance. Starting with the Honor 30 series, a new all-round flagship series has been born.

So that was the Honor 30 Pro Plus Full Review. We hope you will like it.

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