Honor 20 Pro Specification
Honor 20 Pro Specification

Honor 20 Pro Specification:Honor flagship reduced to cheap machine for Honor 20 Pro? Kirin 980 + 4800W four cameras +4000 mAh, the price of cabbage

Honor 20 Pro With the advent of the 5G era, many users are in a dilemma; especially friends who now want to change phones, which is full of confusion. Is it a 4G phone with a good price or a 5G phone with a high price? In fact, the answer to this question is the same for most friends. Instead of buying a high-priced, imperfect 5G mobile phone now; it is better to buy a more affordable and more practical 4G mobile phone; such as the Honor 20 Pro with a price reduction of 500 yuan. So what is the reason? Let’s analyze it for everyone.

Honor 20 Pro Price

After all, 5G network coverage is not yet available in most regions. The implementation of the 5G coverage plan is not an overnight effort. In addition to the special circumstances now, it is of course normal that the plan is delayed.Honor 20 Pro. Among the 5G mobile phones launched now, many prices are still high. From a 5G mobile phone with a price of 5,000 to 6,000-yuan last year to 3,000 yuan instantly this year; and a 1999 launch of the red rice 5G at the beginning of the year, we can all see that; 5G mobile phones still have a lot of room for development and prices have not stabilized. Buying a 5G phone now is not wise. Honor 20 Pro Specification

Honor 20 Pro Design and Display

And why is it better to buy a 4G phone now? In fact, there are many high-configuration 4G mobile phones, but because of the introduction of new 5G products; in order to give way, most 4G mobile phones have entered the stage of price reduction and clearance; and many of them are excellent high-configuration 4G mobile phones. For example, Honor 20 Pro. This Honor flagship, when it was released, was priced at 3199 yuan, with price-performance as the pricing concept. Now it is being reduced by 500 yuan to 2699 yuan; and it has become a high-priced and low-priced cabbage mobile phone. Honor 20 Pro, it can be said that in addition to not having 5G, it is all selling points. Honor 20 Pro Specification

Processor & Battery

In terms of performance, Honor 20 Pro fully meets the requirements of the gaming party for mobile phone performance. Equipped with Kirin 980 processor, the top NPU well-coordinated the relationship between storage space and applications; using smooth, 6.26-inch hollowed-out screen design is more in line with public aesthetics, 48 ​​million full-focus AI four cameras; dual optical image stabilization. The camera function is quite powerful. The 32-megapixel AI self-timer features a more natural and clearer self-timer function. The facial details of Honor 20 Pro are touching and attractive, and the large 4000mAh battery; has a powerful battery life, which meets the power requirements of the camera party and game party.

Some friends may think that the Kirin 980 is not as good as the Kirin 990, but in fact; knowledgeable friends know that unless the Kirin 990 is a 5G version; the performance is not much upgraded compared to the Kirin 980. The Honor 20 Pro, which has a mid-to-low price but absolute flagship performance; is definitely an excellent choice for this long 5G waiting time. Honor 20 Pro Specification

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