Honor 10X Series Specification
Honor 10X Series Specification

Honor 10X series exposure rear matrix three-shot + OLED charm eye screen + the full range of Kirin 820 processor

Honor 10X Series Specification

Following the release of the two flagship models, Honor V30 series and Honor 30 series, recently, an iterative mid-range model of Honor has been exposed. And according to foreign media news, this new machine will be the mid-range series of the Honor X series, and also supports dual-mode 5G. According to the 5G models currently released by Honor, it seems that there is still a lack of a mid-range machine that mainly takes away Type, so some analysts speculate that this heavy task should fall on this glory 10X series. A few days ago, after announcing that the domestic shipments of the 9X series exceeded 10 million units, the main parameters of the Honor 10X were confirmed again, and they were officially released in mid-May.

Honor 10X Pro Specification

A few days ago, the foreign media Slashleaks exposed the renderings of the so-called Honor 10X PRO. According to the rendering, the Honor 10X Pro uses a holed screen design. The four-sided border control is very narrow, and there should be a pretty good screen ratio; perspective Moving to the back, you can see that the three cameras are placed vertically in a long rectangular module. The text on the right indicates that this is a 64 million three-camera combination. The previous generations 9X PRO’s 48 million night shot three shots impressed users. This time it was upgraded to 64 million. The imaging quality will be further optimized and improved. The combination may continue the main camera + wide-angle + depth of field lens program.

Honor 10X & 10X Pro Processor & Camera

Honor 10X Camera

According to reports, according to the previous release plan of the Honor X series models, the Honor 10X series will also include at least two models of Honor 10X and Honor 10X Pro, and both models will be equipped with Kirin 820 5G processor, Support dual-mode 5G network. In addition, according to reports, the Honor 10X series will also focus on one of the upgrades that focus on the camera. And the series is expected to be equipp with a 64-megapixel main camera standard (Sony IMX682 or Samsung GW1 sensor), and according to previous reports. The difference between the two models of the Honor 10X series, the standard version, and the Pro, is likely to be in the dual or triple rear camera.

In fact, the news about the Honor 10X series can be said to have a long history. Since January this year, there has been news about the Honor 10X series. The main parameters of this model have been basically confirmed among the much news. And, according to the recent information on the Internet, the glory of the Honor 10 series is gradually clear. Netizens familiar with the Honor mobile phone should know that the new products of the Honor X series are the top priority of the Honor Spring conference, so both the performance and the face value must be polished and must be in place. Exception. Moreover, according to the shipments of Honor X series in recent years, it has become the main force of Honor mobile phones and has caused great pressure on mobile phone brands with the same model, such as Xiaomi and Redmi.

Honor 10X Display

Honor 10X Display

In addition, according to previous reports, the Honor 10X will use a 6.69-inch straight-faced ultra-hollow full-screen. Due to the more advanced COF packaging process; the width of the left and right borders can be almost ignored, and the width of the chin and forehead are also controlled. Very good, the four corners are specially designed for anti-fall protection. As for the back, the Honor 10X is a high-bright craft glass, which can create a brilliant effect under the light. It is likely to have a total of five colors such as black, white, and blue, which should be able to meet the needs of different user groups.

Honor 10X Performance

In Honor 10X Series Specification in terms of performance, the Honor 10X will be equipp with a Kirin 820 processor based on the 7-nanometer process technology. It is built using TSMC’s 7nm process and integrates the Barong 5000 5G baseband. 5G supports SA / NSA dual-mode and supports three major operators. Frequency bands N1 / N3 / N41 / N78 / N79. The running score of this 5G SoC is stronger than that of Snapdragon 765G, and its performance level is directly behind the Kirin 980 flagship processor. According to the performance of the processor in conjunction with the EMUI10.1 system on the Honor 30S, under the stronger synergy formed by the two, it can have nearly 400,000 points of Antutu running points, so this score should deal with most Everyday applications are sufficient, and the frame rate stability of mainstream games will not be too picky.


In addition, according to the latest rumors, the phone will have a built-in 4500mAh battery. And in addition, I believe that with the fast charge it has, the theoretical battery life should not be a problem. In terms of cameras, the Honor 10X series is expected to be equipp with a 64-megapixel rear main camera. The front camera is likely to continue the 32-megapixel camera that has been equipped on many models and supports a variety of beauty. Mode, super night scene self-timer, and front wide-angle functions.


As for the price, according to Glory’s consistent style; it is speculated that although the Honor 10X series adds support for dual-mode 5G. It is likely to continue the previous price of the Honor 9X series from $183 USD or 1299 yuan to $282 USD or 1999 yuan, and some analysts speculate. Even if the price has increased, it may remain within 200 yuan. Therefore, some analysts said that with the dominance of the Kirin 820 5G processor in the current mid-range processor. If the Honor 10X series is priced at around $211 USD or 1500 yuan; then it Will cause great pressure on the current Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, is expected to become a glorious explosion model again.

So that was the Honor 10X Series Specification & Price. We hope you will like it.

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