Red Devils 5G Vs Black Shark 3
Red Devils 5G Vs Black Shark 3

Difference between Red Devils 5G Vs Black Shark 3

The Black Shark 3 ushered in its biggest rival, the 300-dollar Red Devils 5G, which is more fragrant than it?

The recent game mobile phone industry can be described as turbulent. After the release of iQOO3 and Shark 3, the Red Devils 5G mobile phone recently release. Compared with the previous generation products, the Red Devils 5G has improved in all aspects of hardware configuration. Which can be regarded as menacing. Faced with the strong attack of the Red Devils phone, can the Black Shark 3 survive?

Refresh Rate

From the table, we can see that the biggest difference between the two phones is the screen refresh rate. The screen refresh rate of the Red Magic 5G mobile phone reached an amazing 144Hz. While the Black Shark 3 only had a screen refresh rate of 90Hz. As we all know, the screen refresh rate represents the display of the screen refreshed every second. The higher the screen refresh rate, the higher the smoothness of the refreshed picture. This means that the gaming experience is better.

Devils 5G Vs Shark 3 Camera

In addition to the refresh rate, there is no obvious gap between the Devils 5G and Black Shark 3 battery life and processors. Which has reached the current first-class level in the industry? In addition, the Redmi 5G rear camera also uses Sony ’s latest IMX686 64-megapixel main camera. Which will have better performance than the Shark 3 in terms of image functions. Therefore, although the Red Devils 5G is somewhat inferior to the Shark 3 in terms of battery life. It is still a very “fragrant” gaming phone.

If you think about it, although the Red Magic 5G’s high refresh rate screen has high power consumption. It is more in line with the theme of e-sports gamers seeking the ultimate experience; the new generation Sony IMX 686 camera sensor can bring users a better camera experience. From these two perspectives, the Devils 5G can be said to be full of sincerity. The Black Shark 3, as the most-watched gaming mobile phone on the market; has also ushered in an opponent that is comparable to its own.

However, from the screen and camera alone, the Red Magic 5G. Which costs only 300 yuan more, is undoubtedly more fragrant. If you guys, which one will you choose?

So that was the Red Devils 5G Vs Black Shark 3. We hope you like it.

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