Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI
Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI

After the release of the new generation of Audi A6 Sedan, I believe that many people are very surprised at its texture and technological progress. As for today’s test drive, many people are looking forward to the station wagon version “Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI Premium”. Yes, station wagons have not always been mainstream models in China, especially in the recent wave of SUVs. When most people want more space, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely a huge SUV, but for those who want space For those who don’t want to let go of the motorhome, the Wagon station wagon is the best choice.

In addition, many people choose Wagon in addition to practical factors because of their beautiful and unique rear lines; Avant has a more casual style than the serious Sedan, but also a symbol of personal taste, a lifestyle. With clean and beautiful lines and comfortable cabin space with both texture and technology, the A6 Avant is definitely the best choice for fans of station wagons!

Launching Event

The C8 generation A6 was officially unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. This Audi’s main medium-sized touring car is again stunning with its high-tech cockpit with clean and elegant lines. As for many taste-loving owners, the Avant model was reported later, but Because the original factory was converted by the WLTP global light vehicle test specifications. And Taiwan Audi is focusing on customer satisfaction improvement and after-sales service rectification (of course, inventory clearance), all new vehicle introduction schedules have been significantly delayed. Of course, including the new generation of A6.

Audi A6 Avant front view

Finally, the New A6 took the lead with the Avant station wagon. In August last year, it was launched in the country together with big brothers such as the A7 Sportback and A8. The initial introduction of only 45.34 million TFSI Quattro S Line models, and then Two new diesel models, the A6 Avant 40 TDI and 40 TDI Premium, have been added. The Audi A6 Avant price is 2.49 and 40 TDI Premium 2.64 million yuan respectively. This test drive is the diesel-powered 40TDI Premiun. The optional equipment includes the S line exclusive aero package and 18-inch aluminum ring.

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A6 Avant car series compilation and price list

ModelA6 Avant 40 TDIA6 Avant 40TDI PremiunA6 Avant 45 TFSI Quattro S Line
price2.49 million yuan2.64 million yuan3.34 million yuan
Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI side view

In addition to retaining the front and rear two-segment waistline of the A6 Sedan on the side of the car, the rear of the car is equipp with Coupe-like downward-sloping D-pillar lines, which makes the Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI present a shapely and charming body.

Audi A6 Avant front shape

The shape of the front is, of course, the same as that of the Sedan version. The larger chrome-plated hexagonal water tank cover presents a very domineering visual effect. After the S line kit is installed, a horizontal grid chrome trim is added to the water tank cover. Add foggy silver trim to make the front richer in visual effects.

All A6 Avant models are equipped with LED headlights as standard, but Premium models have been upgraded to matrix LED aurora headlights. In addition to the configuration of the LED daytime running light strips, there are dazzling dynamic lights when the car starts or goes out. The stream can be enjoyed; of course, the biggest feature is that the headlight can automatically adjust the irradiation angle according to the road conditions, and detect other road users and adjust the light source to avoid glare from the car.

The shape of the tail light is the same as Sedan. It cleverly extends the waistline to the rear and merges with the tail light lines. The light groups on both sides are connected with the same horizontal chrome strips as the big brother A8, bringing more stable visual effects.

Models equipped with the S line exterior kit have slightly different trims at the bottom edge of the car, and chrome trims connect the square tailpipes for “decoration” on both sides.


The curtain-type LED taillight construction with multiple vertical light bars in the lower part is also a major feature of the rear of the car. It has excellent brightness and visibility at night.

Both A6 Avant models are equipped with 17-inch aluminum rims and 225 / 60R17 specifications, but this combination seems a bit domineering in terms of car size and size. The test drive was upgraded to a silver-gray dual-color 18-inch blade shape.

Audi A6 Avant staring setting

The layered horizontal center console, large screen up and down, and a wide central saddle are all very similar to the A8. They are also the common design vocabulary of Audi’s new generation of luxury cars. In addition to showing the luxurious atmosphere of the device, they also create Audi’s best sense of technology. As a high-end model, Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI also includes the complete “road driving assistance package” and “metropolitan driving assistance package” as standard equipment, providing a full range of active safety protection.

Audi a6 ground clearance

Audi a6 ground clearance is 5.5 inches. And audi a6 ground clearance can be increase by installing Suspension Lift Kit and by upgrading Tyres.

And audi a6 ground clearance can be lower by these three methods.

By lowering the springs that decrease audi a6 ground clearance.

Installing Coilovers audi a6 ground clearance decrease.

Using Air Suspension Kit audi a6 ground clearance decrease.

Ground Clearance test

● Metro driving assistance kit

  • ACC active constant speed cruise control system
  • traffic assistance system
  • forward warning safety protection system
  • active lane maintenance and departure warning system
  • collision avoidance assistance system
  • left turn warning assistance system

● Road driving assistance package

  • Lane change assistance system (blind-spot warning)
  • Off-vehicle safety warning system
  • The rear transverse traffic assistance system
  • Rear warning safety protection system
  • Warning safety protection system

The bright black trim in front of the front passenger seat embed with silver trim and integrated into the center. The exquisite four-ring logo, the ring cabin atmosphere light also embed at the bottom of the strip, which can radiate charming luster at night, the design is quite ingenious.

Audi a6 interior 2020

The audi a6 interior 2020 has the following functions.

Steering wheel

Compare with the three-spoke steering wheel popular in today’s car world, the New A6 car series uses the simpler four-spoke style like the A8, except that the button sets on the two sides are not equipp with bright black trims. Full digital cockpit instrument switch, audio and video, telephone, voice operation, and other functions.

A6 Avant Gauge

The instrument is, of course, the Virtual Cockpit full digital virtual cockpit that Audi owners are already familiar with. The biggest advantage is that it can flexibly change the display mode according to demand. As for the excellent visual effect and recognition, it also adds a lot of points.

In the audi a6 interior 2020 the large double-ring instruments on both sides reduce to make the display items in the central area clearer. The information that displays in the central area includes fuel consumption, mileage, date/time, maps, and driver assistance systems.

The biggest highlight of the new-generation Audi high-end model is this set of “MMI touch response” touch feedback operation interface compose of upper and lower double-layer screens, which integrates all the display and setting functions of the entire car. In the audi a6 interior 2020 as for the benefits of the two screens, it Is able to display more information at the same time. The operation method is the same as that of a smartphone. You can input commands by pressing, swiping, handwriting, or voice. After clicking a function, there will be slight vibration feedback to let you know that the command has been entered correctly.

In general, regardless of technology Both the feel and the practicality are quite good, but the small disadvantage is that the panel is very easy to stick to fingerprints or dust and must be wiped off. Audi also thought about this, so a “screen cleaning” function specially design on the menu. Temporarily turn off the upper and lower screens so that the owner can wipe well without worrying about accidentally touching other functions.

A6 Avant Screen

All audio and video entertainment and vehicle setting functions can be operated from the upper 10.1-inch screen. The menu page also has clear text and icons for people to see at a glance. In addition, Apple CarPlay is also a convenient wireless connection system. In addition, the entire A6 car series is also equipp with the new Audi Connect car network intelligent service function. Driving be perform through the smartphone’s “myAudi” application, including remote lock / unlock, find vehicles, query vehicle status, Original after-sales service appointment, and other services.

The lower screen is mainly resident in the dual-zone constant-temperature air-conditioning function menu. At the audi a6 interior 2020 bottom, some physical buttons are still reserve, allowing the driver to directly switch the audio volume, drive select mode, tracking, defog function, parking assistance and surround-view systems.

Audi 40 TDI wire gearshift

There in audi a6 interior 2020 the layout of the central saddle and the shape of the new-generation wire gearshift head are exactly the same as those of the A7. The difference is that only a simple plastic trim is used, and the double cup holder on the right is not covered by a liftable cover.

The internal area of ​​the central armrest is large and square, but the depth is not insufficient, and large items cannot place in it. There are SIM cards, SD memory cards, and two USB jacks at the rear.

Rear seat

Audi 40 TDI Rear seat

There are a storage slot and 12V charging jack under the rear seat air outlet. If the four-zone constant temperature air conditioner is equipp with a rear-surface recess, an LCD air-conditioning control panel will be install. In addition, the center of the floor is high, Affecting the foot space of many central passengers.

Front and back seat space

After all, with a wheelbase of 2933mm, a passenger with a height of 177 cm can enjoy ample space in the front and rear seats. The moderate backrest angle and excellent leg support bring excellent riding comfort.

A6 Avant Trunk

Audi 40 TDI Trunk

Compare to the Sedan version’s 530 liters of trunk capacity, the A6 Avant has ample 565 liters, and the 4/2/4 split seatback can be extended to an amazing 1680 liters.

A storage tray is a design under the floor of the trunk to store scattered small objects such as onboard tools.

The rear of the seat intimately increases the separation net to separate the riding and storage space and prevents the items from sliding forward when the rear compartment load fully.

There in audi a6 interior 2020 are also many thoughtful designs on both sides of the rear compartment to enhance practicality, such as the storage net and the rear seat tilting handles. And there are a total of four sliding / removable movable buckles on the slide rails on both sides to facilitate fixing or separating luggage.

Audi a6 engine cc

Audi 40 TDI engine cc

The 2.0hp four-cylinder diesel turbo engine in the audi a6 engine cc compartment has a maximum horsepower of 204hp, which is not as good as that of 245hp of 45TFSI, but it has a dazzling 40.8kgm maximum torque. With the S-Tronic seven-speed manual transmission, in audi a6 engine cc the original the factory announces that its 0-100km / h acceleration result was 8.3 seconds.

Car road speed test performance

Under the audi a6 engine cc the increasingly strict fuel consumption and pollution standards, many European automakers have widely added light oil and electric hybrid systems to their models, and Audi is no exception. In addition to the 48V light oil and electricity system of six-cylinder models, The four-cylinder model uses a 12V power system. In addition to the traditional 12V battery placed in the rear compartment, a 12V lithium battery is added to the upper left corner of the engine compartment. A belt-driven BAS motor is used to start the vehicle. And energy recovery can also be used as a power assist when starting.

Speed and Oil Consumption

Breaking the maximum torque of 40kgm corresponds to a bodyweight of 1.7 tons, allowing Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI to show a fairly brisk pace regardless of starting and re-acceleration conditions. Generally, driving conditions do not require special high speeds to respond. In addition, the output method is very linear and smooth, and it will not give people too aggressive feelings. Of course, the eye-catching average fuel consumption of 21.3km / L that is announced by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is another addition to the diesel power of the light oil and electricity system. advantage. As for the small disadvantage, the vibration is slightly more obvious when the engine restarts with the idling stop system, which is a pity for the A6 Avant, which his position as a high-end model.

Driving texture

Car road speed test performance back side view

After test-driving the new generation of Audi A6, A7, A8, and other high-end models, in addition to designing these visible improvements inside and outside, I think the invisible driving texture is also a significant improvement. Just like the A6 Sedan, the A6 Avant also has excellent cabin sound insulation. It can block the obvious diesel engine noise outside the car. As for the proper suspension response, comfort and sportiness are just right. These include the matching of the engine and the transmission, excellent sound insulation, and supple suspension feedback. These factors make Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI not only sit up but even enjoy the excellent texture.

The more ample and practical space, the technology-laden cabin layout, and the stable and high-quality texture in line with the car grid are all exciting things of the A6 Avant. As for the beautiful appearance that everyone appreciates, I believe it can also be used. Hold on to the eyes of Wagon supporters. The A6 Avant, as mentioned earlier, is the best choice in a wagon; with the A6 Avant, Audi has once again proved that they are experts in building wagons in the car world.

Audi A6 Avant 40 TDI Premium specifications

  • Audi a6 engine cc type: Inline four-cylinder DOHC 16V diesel turbine + 12V light composite power system
  • Exhaust capacity: 1968c.c.
  • Audi a6 engine cc maximum horsepower: 204hp / 3800 ~ 4200rpm
  • Audi a6 engine cc maximum torque: 40.8kgm / 1750 ~ 3000rpm
  • Drive mode: Front-wheel drive
  • transmission type: seven-speed automated manual
  • brake structure: four-disc brakes
  • suspension structure before: five-link
  • rear suspension structure: five-link
  • tire size: 225 / 60R17
  • body size: 4939mm x 1886mm x 1492mm
  • wheelbase: 2933mm
  • vehicle weight: 1741 kg
  • Audi A6 Avant price: 2.64 million yuan

The Audi A6 Avant price

The Audi A6 Avant price is the following.

Audi A6 Avant price in the USA is $109000 USD.

The Audi A6 Avant price in India is 54.43 Lakh.

Audi A6 Avant price in China is 2.64 million yuan.

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