2020 Most selling phone
2020 Most selling phone

Redmi Note 7 is the most cost-effective domestic mobile phone. And it is the best smartphone overall. Sales No. 6 in the world, the only domestic model on the list.

2020 Most selling phone

Recently, Canalys released the latest statistical report “Tracking of Smartphone Model Market”. It is worth noting that, of the top ten best-selling mobile phone models in 2019, only one is a domestic mobile phone, that is: Redmi Note 7.

Redmi Note 7 ranked sixth in global mobile phone sales last year and is the only model on the list of domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Similarly, in the fourth quarter of last year, Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro ranked sixth and tenth in sales, respectively and overall best phones 2020. It can be seen that not only in the domestic mobile phone market, but even globally, Xiaomi’s cost-effective models are also very popular, and they have a relatively large influence and sales volume in major regional markets.

Why are Redmi Note 7 and Note 8 series so popular and best phones 2020? As we all know, last year, Redmi officially operated independently as a sub-brand of Xiaomi, helping Xiaomi to impact the high-end market, and continued to implement its cost-effective strategy. The Redmi Note series is Xiaomi’s mid-range cost-effective mobile phone series.

best smartphone overall

Redmi Note 7 Display

Redmi Note 8 Pro is equipp with MediaTek’s mid-range processor and a 6.53-inch waterdrop full screen. The screen quality stands out, and it ranks at the forefront in brightness and color gamut.


At the same time, it uses 64 million four cameras to provide ultra-wide-angle and macro. Depth of field lens of Redmi Note 8 Pro, it can be said that it basically reaches the flagship level in the shooting. It also provides infrared remote control and full-function NFC.


Although the configuration is good, the lowest price on major e-commerce platforms has been reduced to Rs 28000 PKR OR 1199 yuan, it can be said that the price-performance is explosive, naturally welcomed by various regions. With the arrival of the new year, Redmi Note 9 may be launched in the future, which basically supports 5G networks, and a new price-performance god may becoming.

So that was 2020 Most selling phone and best smartphone overall. We hope you like it.

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