2020 land rover range rover velar svautobiography dynamic edition interior
2020 land rover range rover velar svautobiography dynamic edition interior

Land Rover Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition Test drive hidden in the powerful performance of the luxurious body!

A long list of car names with a long title. In short, this Velar is the same as the Jaguar F-Pace SVR shared last week. They are all top-level models created by the special custom car department of JLR Group SVO. SVR is a performance-oriented faction; although the SVAutobiography Dynamic is equipped with the same power, the overall atmosphere setting is more luxurious and refined, so the original factory will include Velar into the SVAD lineup, thereby also making a difference from the Range Rover Sport SVR.

2020 land rover range rover velar svautobiography dynamic edition interior

In this article, you will get detail about 2020 land rover range rover velar svautobiography dynamic edition interior, specs, and price.

If you visited the Jaguar Land Rover booth at the Taipei Auto Show earlier this year, then this silver-grey Velar SVA should be familiar to you. It and the F-Pace SVR are the two main protagonists in the SVO exhibition area. The full name of the SVO department is Special Vehicle Operations, which is the special vehicle customization department. The models launched by the SVO department are mainly divided into two lineups: SVR and SV Autobiography Dynamic (referred to as SVAD). SVR is like F-Pace / Range Rover Sport SVR; SVAD is more luxurious and refined for car models, so before Velar was launched, the first SVAD car was Land Rover’s flagship Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic.

Land Rover SVAutobiography Velar Series Appearance

Velar, which is positioned between the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque, brought a lot of Land Rover’s new family design together with the publication, including new elements such as slender heads, tail light sets, hidden door handles, and built-in digital instruments. The appearance of the major facelift Evoque and minor facelift RR / RRS, Discovery Sport can be seen related to technology applications.

Velar, which also enters the New Year style, currently retains two gasoline power options of 2.0 / 3.0 liters, including the entry-level P250 S to P380 R-Dynamic HSE, a total of four vehicle grades, and SVAD is the flagship car in the array.

P250 SP300 R-Dynamic SP380 R-Dynamic SP380 R-Dynamic HSE
3.14 million3.51 million yuan3.95 million yuan4.6 million

Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition: 5.52 million yuan

Conservative appearance without losing domineering

Unlike Range Rover Sport SVR or F-Pace SVR, which has a more direct and external appearance, Velar SVAD looks relatively restrained although it does not lose its domineering appearance, especially for the test drive that chooses the gray/black color scheme. The difference between the front / rear bumper styling, the 21-inch dark aluminum ring complemented by the red caliper combination and the square four-out tail ornaments, probably only think that this Land Rover or Range Rover is really handsome! I do not know if there is a 5.0-liter V8 power underneath the hood.

Land Rover SVAutobiography Bumper Shape

The front bumper shape is similar to the Range Rover Sport SVR line. And the two sides directly replace with large square air intakes that help the engine to dissipate the heat and black. The trims are embellishing, and the black accessories continue to extend to the outer frame of the water tank shield, the hood/fender trim, and the rear mirror cover. The silver-gray coating seems to be low-key, and the bright red and blue colors can be highlighted.

In addition, the sensor configuration can be seen on the lower edge of the front bumper, and the Velar SVAD is listed as the top gauge. Naturally, the complete ADAS intelligent driving assistance system must be listed as standard. The content includes the ACC active cruise control system with traffic queue assistance function, LKA lane maintenance assist system and AEB active brake assist system include High-Speed ​​AEB automatic brake assist and blind-spot detection warning.


SVAD top-gauge models include 21-inch dark gray aluminum rings and red calipers as standard equipment. However, they are only equipp with a four-piston brake system in the front. Facing the weight of 2085 kg and the test drive experience in the past day, it is the recommendation to directly upgrade the brake performance.

Many appearances, such as the trim above the hood, the fender trim and the exterior cover of the rearview mirror, are treate with black to further enhance the overall contrast effect and sporty feel. Velar SVAD provides a total of six vehicle color coating options, including silver, gray, black and Fuji white, Byron blue, Florence red three bright colors.

Velar also has an appearance detail that is worth noting. The Range Rover logo uses a unique knurling treatment, plus chrome trim on the outer edge, the visual effect is extremely chic. (It really is a car made by the British)

Engine Performance

The most eye-catching accessories at the rear of the Velar SVAD are nothing more than these four square tail trim tubes, which look quite arrogant from the rear! At the same time, it clearly tells the true nature of its performance. Of course, the roar of the 5.0-liter V8 supercharging engine is easy to brush the presence of the familiar 5.0-liter V8 supercharging body under the hood, because the Range Rover Sport / F-Pace SVR is all.

It is equipp with the same power system, with a maximum horsepower of 550ps / 6500rpm and a peak torque output of 69.3kgm / 5500rpm. The gearbox is also an eight-speed manual transmission system. It may be affected by the weight of 90 kg. The Velar SVAD with a weight of 2085 kg accelerates 100 kilometers from the F-Pace SVR by 0.2 seconds to 4.5 seconds, which is the same as the RRS Sport SVR.

Double front seats & Meridian audio is the key

At first glance, the difference in the interior or the upgrade experience is not obvious. What you see in front of you, such as the two digital screens of the digital instrument and the center console, and a large amount of leather-covered interiors are standard items of the original Velar models. As mentioned earlier, SVAD focuses more on the luxury and refinement of the actual experience, so upgrade items such as suede-like cabin roof and SVAD’s exclusive leather-covered heated electric adjustment steering wheel with aluminum shift paddles, Windsor Leather Wrapped dual front seats with 20-way electric adjustment seats with memory/ventilation/heating and massage functions, leather interior upgrade kits and exclusive foot pads are all luxury equipment items that can be experienced in order to feel the value.

Interior Color

If you feel that the all-black interior of the test drive is too low-key, Velar SVAD actually has three other contrast interior colors to choose from, including black/white, black/red, and black / copper. Textured carbon fiber trim panel.

A small carry-on item or a lens cleaning cloth can be placed behind the suspended center console to wipe the two central digital screens sticky with fingerprints or dust at any time.

Seat Setting

Unlike the RRS Sport / F-Pace SVR, which is directly replaced with sports car seats and other hot blood equipment, the relatively low-key Velar SVAD car is the hottest equipment, probably the two aluminum alloy shift paddles behind the steering wheel.

The 12.3-inch digital screen in front of the steering wheel is the same as that of JLR models. It provides five display mode options. Each mode can also adjust the display items according to the driver’s habits. Both the practicality and the aesthetic level can be satisfied.

The two central touch-sensitive digital screens first launched by Velar have also been used in various new models of JLR under these two years. In addition to the need for frequent maintenance due to fingerprints or dust sticking, whether it is a sense of technology or practical Sex is excellent.

LCD Screen

The screen has a built-in 360-degree panoramic image system and a parking radar, which can be displaye on the screen at the same time or switche to a certain car-side screen for magnifie inspection. It is also practical equipment for SUVs.

Velar SVAD has listed the Meridian Surround digital surround sound system with 825W power output as standard and can choose four sound fields from the screen or adjust it according to their own preferences.

Land Rover SVAutobiography Track Mode

Internally provide a personalized set of the track mode, including engine, steering, gear shifting and suspension response can be individually adjusted.

The track mode can also be seen in other Velar models, but the SVAD’s more attractive feature is the exhaust pipe symbol on the right. This is the active exhaust sound wave system on/off button that will automatically turn on in track mode.

The lower touch digital screen can also slide left and right to switch to communication or multimedia playback content, or enter the air conditioning, seat, vehicle (driving mode) and setting screens through the top function keys.

Just like the way the 2020 land rover range rover velar svautobiography dynamic edition interior logo is engraving on the outside of the car, the knobs on both sides of the internal screen are also engraving with the same pattern, which is really a pleasing detail design.

The knobs on both sides can not only adjust the temperature of the air conditioner but also use to adjust the temperature and strength of the ventilation/heating and massage seats. Having a massage seat on the car is really a great enjoyment.

Automatic Transmission System

The transmission is equipped with a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission the system is different from the F-Pace SVR to the traditional gear lever shape. The Velar SVAD is like a knob control. Turn to the far right to enter the Sport mode.

If you cannot find the second cup holder for the first time, please press the Land Rover button in the center, and the partition will open slowly.

The internal space of the central armrest is not small but the depth is not deep. There are two sets of USB and one set of 12V for charging.

Air Conditioner

Velar SVAD is equipped with a four-zone constant temperature air conditioner, so the dual-zone constant temperature air conditioner knob and buttons for adjusting the air volume and direction can also be seen behind the saddle.

These two seats in 2020 land rover range rover velar svautobiography dynamic edition interior are definitely the most sensitive upgrade items in the car. The advantages are not only the soft ride feeling shaped by Windsor leather and diamond pattern, white stitching but also the 20-way electric adjustment and memory function can let you quickly find the Comfortable riding posture. More importantly, it also has ventilation, heating and massage functions. It can not only warm in winter and cool in summer, but also massage while driving, and then listen to the Meridian surround sound system and step on the 5.0-liter V8 power. The money is really there, just change it to the way you enjoy it.

Riding Space

In terms of riding space, please also ask a 177 cm tall colleague to adjust the front seat to this normal sitting position.

Then enter the rear seat, if there is always a demand for manned, Velar’s cabin space performance will indeed be more practical than Evoque, including a larger luggage compartment capacity. Of course, Evoque also has Discovery Sport for a similar price, which will be a barrier to choice.

Land Rover SVAutobiography Luggage Capacity

Velar’s standard luggage capacity is 673 liters, and the full dump of the rear seatback can be expanded to 1731 liters.

The Velar SVAD even the clasp tab under the luggage compartment is also made of leather, which makes you feel the value of 5.52 million at all times ~

There are 12V sockets and hooks on both sides of the luggage compartment for use, allowing you to enjoy 550ps maximum horsepower. It can ensure that the rear items are properly placed.

Powerful V8 kinetic energy that cannot be understated

From the perspective of power data and one-sided introduction alone, perhaps many people will have the same doubt as me at first. Since they are all equipp with 5.0-liter V8 supercharged power, why should they be divided into two models: SVR and SVAD? Is not it more convenient to call it SVR collectively?

Although I have not tested the RRS Sport SVR yet, it seems that the previous test drive experience of the F-Pace SVR, Jaguar / Land Rover did make a distinction between these two types. The book data is the same, but the driving experience creating by the cabin atmosphere is not the same. The F-Pace SVR, which previously had a red sporty figure and a black/red color interior, made it easier for people to have a “want to drive fast” urge, whether it is a large straight line or entering a mountain road section, they want to fight with it for a few rounds.

The Velar SVAD, which is relatively restrained in appearance and inner, even though the exhaust sound is still rich and charming, but what attracts me more is the cozy atmosphere surrounded by the whole cockpit. The double enveloping of the sound makes the body and soul completely relaxed. Sincere

Land Rover SVAutobiography Performance

Just don’t ignore that it is still a performance recreational vehicle with an outstanding power of 550ps / 69.3kgm. If you don’t have two brushes on a straight road, don’t be against it. You might wonder if the owner is exhausted. No matter what hands and feet are moved, why the waves can be so thick and crazy! It’s really an unforgettable V8 ~!


If you want to recover some face after being overtaken, you may change the battlefield to the mountain road, limited by the weight of 2.1 tons, even if the Velar SVAD is equipped with electronic pneumatic suspension, active locking rear differential, brake control torque conversion system and Active dynamic control systems and other driving tools also have good flexible steering capabilities and suspension support. They will still be limited by the weight of the car. With a little hard splitting, you will hear the screams that the tires cannot support. That is to say, I think very few car owners will use Velar SVAD to run the mountain. They should always carry their family members to enjoy together when they are on the job. Would not it is faster to run the F-Type again!

Land Rover Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition

  • Engine type: V-type eight-cylinder DOHC 32V supercharged
  • Displacement: 4999c.c.
  • Maximum horsepower: 550ps / 6500rpm
  • Maximum torque: 69.3kgm / 5500rpm
  • Drive mode: four-wheel drive
  • Gearbox type: ZF eight-speed manual self-exhaust
  • Brake Structure: Four-wheel disc brakes
  • Front suspension structure: Aluminum alloy double A-arm
  • Rear suspension structure: Aluminum alloy multi-link
  • Body size: Length 4806mm x width 2032mm x height 1670mm
  • Wheelbase: 2874mm
  • Weight: 2085kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 82 liters
  • 0 ~ 100km / h: 4.5 seconds

So that was the 2020 land rover range rover velar svautobiography dynamic edition interior.

We hope you will like it.

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