2020 jaguar f pace SVR interior

Jaguar F-PACE SVR performance flagship test drive wild and unrestrained eight-cylinder charm!

The Jaguar Land Rover and SVR booth at the Taipei Auto Show at the beginning of the year ushered in not only a small facelift, the important role of Discovery Sport, but also planned for the Jaguar F-Pace SVR and Land Rover Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition in the  SVO  (Special Vehicle Operations) special vehicle segment. The new car is also the focus of car appreciation during the auto show! Although both are equipp with a powerful 5.0-liter V8 supercharging engine, the positioning and presentation of the models are different. From the differences in the naming methods of SVR and SVA, you can see the clues. This time, they are from the Jaguar RV Department The top-profile F-Pace SVR starts talking!

Intro & History

Nowadays, SUV buyers are not only focusing on space function, but luxury and performance are also the goals pursue by multi-gold buyers. The former has led to the birth of high-end luxury vacations such as Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga; Provide top-quality performance options such as Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Urus.

If the budget is reducing to about 5 million yuan, the luxury performance recreational market is more intense, because the choice of brands and models is more diverse, including M.AMG, BWM M Power, and Audi RS. With the launch of corresponding performance models, crazy car sea tactics will also make it difficult for consumers with unwillingness and conditions to choose.

As for the Jaguar, which has just entered the short-term travel market, after launching F-Pace, E-Pace and electric travel I-Pace to complete the lineup, the 2.0-liter straight four / 3.0-liter V6 dual power is enough to cope with daily life , But unable to satisfy the enthusiastic car owners or face strong attacks from opponents. Therefore, the most direct and quick way is to implant the 5.0-liter V8 engine, which was originally widely used in the high-end models of the group, to create a more luxurious and powerful all-round SUV!

2020 jaguar f pace SVR interior

Recently, I have just tested two Jaguar SUVs with different styles in succession. They are the brand’s first SUV F-Pace and the brand’s first electric SUV I-Pace. One is used to build a performance flagship and use 5.0 liters. V8 power; the other is an all-electric model born in response to the demand for energy-saving and carbon reduction. Excluding the difference of nearly one million yuan in price difference, tax gap and model positioning, I really have a hard time deciding between the two.

The full thrust and surging sound waves are really fascinating; on the other hand, the linear acceleration force created by I-Pace and the extremely calm and comfortable moving process of electric vehicles, but constantly destroying the high wall that I built for traditional internal combustion engines. After the introduction of various electric vehicles one after another this year, I think more people will face the same problem of choice.

SVR Series

However Children make choices by special-identified SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) special vehicle department is currently mainly responsible for two product businesses, some of which are performance vehicles SVR and more refined SVAutobiography. The SVR series of commercial vehicles have previously launched Jaguar F- Type SVR and Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR. SVAutobiography, which is based on luxurious and exquisite packaging techniques, is the first representative of the Range Rover car series. Because the Range Rover Sport SVR is already represented in the Land Rover array, Velar, which has a comparative image, is included in the SVA as a separation.

The large displacement of 5.0 liters plus the eight-cylinder body has already been endangering. Now only the Ford Mustang Mustang can be purchase at an “affordable” price. Whether it is a Mustang or the F-Pace SVR 5.0-liter V8 engine, it has begun to come out. The memory of the day may not be seen again. The next generation of Mustang or SVR is replace by a new model with a smaller displacement or a petrol system.

This 5.0-liter V8 engine that has been used in Jaguar XJ, Land Rover Range Rover and other SVR models, through supercharged assistance, allows the F-Pace SVR to have a maximum power of 550hp / 69.3kgm. Although the power is fierce, the F -The weight of the Pace SVR car also came to 1995 kilograms, which was a serious flaw in the handling performance. This will be discussed later. Through the eight-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive assistance, the official data of 0 ~ 100km / h still has 4.3 seconds. Excellent results!

Body shape Structure

As a performance flagship car, it must have a differentiated appearance that can be recognized at a glance. At this point, Jaguar has performed quite thoroughly. Except for the roof, front/rear, and rear doors, almost all the other sheet parts are replacing with SVR exclusive parts. The first is the active LED headlights and the large air intakes on both sides of the front bumper to shape the extremely domineering look of the car, and then the hood, the front fender and the rear bumper all add air intake that helps substantial heat dissipation and visual effects. Mouth shape, performance-oriented accessories also include 21-inch aluminum ring (22-inch optional), red calipers and genuine four-out tailpipes, I believe that people with good eyes can see that this F-Pace is very different!

Through the decoration of various performance accessories and the replacement of the chrome trim with the iron-gray trim, the F-Pace SVR is no longer an expensive holiday, replaced by a ferocious appearance with extreme tension!

Interior Part

The most significant change in the 2020 jaguar f pace SVR interior car is definitely the two front seats. These two sports seats with 14-way electric adjustment, ventilation, and heating functions. Two-color matching with central diamond stitching, square chrome frame and engraving The SVR emblem on the headrest has become an excellent outfit with both appearance and practicality. In addition, the car is all used in bright red/black color combinations, and there are four color options: black/gray, black/brown, and all black. The roof is equipp with a black suede top. What is more special is that SVR cancels the original knob-type gearshift design of F-Pace and change back to the traditional transmission gear lever configuration.

It looks like the steering wheel of 2020 jaguar f pace SVR interior is the same as the original model. The SVR model adds an exclusive logo, red stitching, and electric heating function, but the most impressive thing is the aluminum alloy shift paddles located on the rear of the two sides. The metal texture and the area are enlarged. Visual effects or actual operation freshness are synchronously improved.

Jaguar f pace SVR Dashboard

The dashboard is updated synchronously to the 12.3-inch digital instrument common to the new generation Jaguar and Land Rover models. Switching to the track mode will change the configuration to the red background as shown in the figure.

This digital instrument provides five display modes, and the display panel in each mode can also be switched, which can be selected according to the driver’s own needs.

The F-Pace, which has been on the market for nearly four years and has not undergone minor changes, naturally has not kept up with the family-oriented dual-digital screen configuration. Instead, it has been handed over to the central single ten-inch touch multimedia screen as the main source of adjustment of 2020 jaguar f pace SVR interior. Complete, including the original Chinese cultural 3D navigation system, Bluetooth communication/music streaming, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, and 360-degree panoramic images.

In the track mode of 2020 jaguar f pace SVR interior, you can switch the engine, steering, gear shifting, and suspension modes independently, which can also be seen in F-Pace models that are generally equipped with sports car electronic suspension.

In addition, there is a function display of the stopwatch and G-force table, which can be used to record the lap time of the track and the maximum G-force value during braking, acceleration, etc.

Jaguar f pace SVR Gear System

The F-Pace SVR is changed from a general knob gear shift to a standard wire transmission gear lever shape, which is also decorated with accessories such as leather, red stitching, and chrome trim.

The dynamic mode switching button is located at the bottom of the gearshift seat. When switching, the screen will also display a corresponding pattern to inform the driver.

There is a good thing above the saddle! It is an active sound and wave control system unique to SVR. It will automatically open in track mode, and the general mode can be opened and closed by this button.

Seat Arrangements

The front and rear seats of the 2020 jaguar f pace SVR interior have a total of four-seat headrests with SVR markings, and the dual front seats have 14-way electric adjustment and ventilation/heating functions, which can maximize the comfort and support!

The SVR not only enjoys the front seats but also the dual rear seats are equipped with electric heating functions as standard. The control buttons are located under the air conditioning outlet of the rear. There are a 12 V socket and two USB and a 12V socket in the interior part.

F-Pace already has a good luggage compartment space, of course, this has not changed in SVR. The standard luggage compartment has 508 liters, and it also provides a number of space functions such as partitions and nets. If the rear seatback is dumped, it can be expanded. To 1598 liters.

The bottom plate is lifted with a physical spare tire, but the size is smaller.

Huo kinetic energy

Entering the New Year-style F-Pace, the car system has also been adjusted. Now only 25T / 30T R-Sport AWD gasoline models are retaining, and as the small facelift XE, in order to strength the image and style of the overall sport, all will be R-Dynamic and R-Sport sports kits are listed as standard items in all cars. Both the 25T / 30T are also equipp with the Ingenium 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharging engine, and there are two types of high and low adjustments: 250hp / 37.2kgm and 300hp / 40.8kgm depending on the model. The SVR goes straight up to 550hp / 69.3kgm through the 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine!

In addition, unlike the JaguarDrive Selector eight-speed manual transmission with 25T / 30T, the SVR model replaces the SportShift Selector eight-speed manual transmission with sports adjustment, with the existing IDD four-wheel-drive system and TVbB brake torque. The conversion system, whose drive ratio can be adjusted from 0: 100 pure rear-drive to 50:50 front / rear distribution ratio, plus SVR-specific active lock rear differential and active dynamic control system, all strengthen SVR Various tools for performance flagship control performance.

After three times of 100-kilometer acceleration measurement, the Jaguar F-Pace SVR can be reached in about 4.4 ~ 4.5 seconds. The fastest result is 4.4 seconds, which is very close to the original factory data of 4.3 seconds. Once again, this performance retreat is a tough strength!

Engine & Speed test

It has been several days that I have not been able to enjoy the deep strength of the large-displacement V8 model. Perhaps the 500hp / 70kgm level can be achieved with some 3.0-liter / 4.0-liter twin-turbo engines, but the actual driving experience is quite different. This 5.0-liter V8 engine assisted by supercharger not only retains the linear acceleration of the original large-displacement power but also allows you to enjoy a deep and endless thrust from the start. It is not like the twin-turbo engine. Momentum or instantaneous output is quite explosive but provides a full and linear acceleration experience in each speed range. Not only is the acceleration that the body can feel powerful, the roaring waves after the active exhaust system is turning on can also maximize the hearing, and the eight-cylinder charm is self-evident.

Through acceleration measurement and nearly a day of the test drive, F-Pace SVR’s acceleration ability is undoubtedly, but as mentioned in the preface, the two-ton vehicle weight has no small impact on F-Pace SVR’s braking or cornering performance, front 395mm, rear The size of the 396mm disc is not a problem with the front four-piston calipers. The braking force is not a problem, but you can feel the obvious shift of the vehicle’s center of gravity caused by the weight of the vehicle when braking.

Suspension Setting

This is of course also related to the suspension setting, but the suspension in track mode Supportability has actually performed well. Therefore, if you drive in a more intense way, the heavy braking before entering the corner and the lateral force causing by the weight of the vehicle during the turn will not be a small burden on the brakes and tires. The Pirelli of the front 265mm and 295mm can be clear feel in the bend Zero wide tires are trying to bite the road from time to time, screaming, and not release until the corner is accompanie by ferocious acceleration.

F-Pace SVR is probably like a flexible fat man on the court. Basic moves such as shaking shoulders, passing the crotch/back dribbling or turning the layup will not fail him, but in certain actions, it will be due to innate weight or Body shape is restricted.

2020 jaguar f pace SVR price

The 2020 jaguar f pace SVR price is following.

The price of 4.62 million yuan for the F-Pace SVR is definitely not affordable for the average person. But the interior and exterior content and the 5.0-liter V8 power that is owned by Jaguar’s performance flagship vacation are still very eager!

2020 jaguar f pace SVR specs

The 2020 jaguar f pace SVR specs are following.

  • Engine type: V-type eight-cylinder DOHC 32V supercharged
  • Displacement: 5000c.c.
  • Maximum horsepower: 550hp / 6500rpm
  • Maximum torque: 69.3kgm / 5500rpm
  • Drive mode: four-wheel drive
  • Gearbox type: SportShift Selector eight-speed manual displacement
  • Brake structure: four-wheel disc brake
  • Front suspension structure: aluminum alloy double A-arm
  • rear suspension structure: aluminum alloy multi-link
  • body size: length 4737mm x width 2071mm x height 1670mm
  • wheelbase: 2874mm
  • weight: 1995kg
  • fuel tank capacity: 82 Liter
  • 0 ~ 100km / h: 4.3 seconds ( actually measured 4.4 seconds)
  • Extreme speed: 283km / h

We hope you will like it.

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