Snapdragon 765G
Snapdragon 765G

Snapdragon 765G tells you: there are many optional 2020 5G phones, and the price is really fragrant

2020 5G Phones having Snapdragon 765G

Also in the first year, 5G deployment speed and scale far exceeded 3G and 4G, and the strength of interpretation is what is “unstoppable.” According to statistics, by December 2019, more than 40 operators and 40 terminal manufacturers worldwide had launched 5G networks and products. As Qualcomm announced the first support for 5G on the Snapdragon 7 series mobile platform, 5G is no longer exclusive to flagship smartphones, and the number of 5G terminals has further increased.

The Snapdragon 7 series is Qualcomm’s “quasi-flagship” product that provides an excellent mobile experience. Because of this, the Snapdragon 7 series has also become a new option for manufacturers to expand their product lines. Among them, Qualcomm’s newly released Snapdragon 765G mobile platforms have a full range of features such as 5G, AI, shooting, games, and battery life. A number of 2020 5G Phones equipped with the platform, including Tianji Axon 11, are launched, providing consumers with more 5G replacements, and further reducing the price of 2020 5G Phones, which has promoted the global popularity of 5G.

Let’s talk about how the Snapdragon 765G has become the key “core” of the all-around 5G phones, which gives the mid-to-high-end 5G phones new features.

Promote the global popularity of 5G

Qualcomm integrated the 5G overall solution including modem to RF front-end for the Snapdragon 765G. It has three advantages of “peak download rate up to 3.7 Gbps and upload rate up to 1.6 Gbps, global network coverage and all-day battery life”. Provide a perfect and stable 5G connection.

Snapdragon 765G adopts Snapdragon X52 5G multimode modem, supports two networking modes of independent networking (SA) and non-independent networking (NSA), and also supports TDD and FDD and dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), global 5G roaming and Features such as multiple SIM cards. No matter now or in the future, you can enjoy 5G on smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 765G worldwide.

OPPO Reno3 Pro

OPPO Reno3 Pro

At the same time, the Snapdragon 765G integrates radio frequency solutions including PA (power amplifier) ​​modules, DRx (discontinuous reception) modules, filters, envelope trackers, antenna tuners, and supports frequency bands below 6 GHz and Millimeter-wave. It is worth mentioning that Qualcomm is currently the only company in the world that can provide a complete RF front end that supports both below 6GHz and millimeter wave bands. For manufacturers, the use of a complete 5G solution can try more possibilities in product design, improve the appearance and configuration differences, and meet the needs of diverse users. For example, OPPO Reno3 Pro with positive and negative hyperboloid glass design has a different look and feel. Lose a flagship machine.

Faster, more stable and safer Wi-Fi 6

In addition to 5G, the Snapdragon 765G also supports Wi-Fi 6 ready. In short, it is to sink some of the key Wi-Fi 6 features of the Snapdragon 865 to the Snapdragon 7 series platform. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 765G contain key Wi-Fi 6 features security, etc., which has doubled the terminal throughput and expanded the coverage area by 50%, and has improved stability, reliability and security, In line with the urgent requirements for efficient connection in the era of mobile internet. So if you have a router that supports Wi-Fi 6, you can get a quicker connection experience both indoors and outdoors.

5G has joined forces with Wi-Fi 6, and users can get a better experience in large data application scenarios such as live streaming, 4K ultra-high-definition video online viewing, video calling, cloud data transmission, and cloud gaming. At the same time, according to Qualcomm, the Wi-Fi 6 supported by the Snapdragon 765G can greatly shorten the target wake-up time, and the power consumption of Wi-Fi is reduced by 67%, which improves the battery life of the mobile phone.

5G good partner, AI can’t fall behind

The Snapdragon 765G supports the new fifth-generation Qualcomm AI Engine. Its new Qualcomm Hexagon tensor accelerator has a processing speed of 5.5 trillion times per second, which is 2 times higher than the previous generation. There is an improvement. It is worth mentioning that the fifth-generation Qualcomm AI Engine takes advantage of Qualcomm’s multi-core heterogeneous architecture, fully mobilizing the Snapdragon 765G’s CPU, GPU, and tensor accelerators to improve overall performance while ensuring the best energy efficiency, and thus taking into account battery life.

Although AI became “famous” earlier than 5G, only after 2020 5G Phones support 5G can AI “unblock” and exert its full strength. Thanks to the high-speed, low-latency characteristics of 5G, combined with edge computing, terminal-side AI can better leverage the advantages of massive data and computing power in the cloud, and provide a more intelligent AI experience.

Snapdragon 765G more responsive

Taking the AI ​​voice assistant generally supported by mobile phones as an example, in addition to being able to execute instructions issued by users, voice assistants have been able to actively provide some services. For example, the mobile phone will automatically recommend the user’s best home route based on time and location information after work. Even prepare your favorite music. 5G and AI complement each other. The AI ​​voice assistant of the 5G smartphone equipped with the Snapdragon 765G will be more responsive, accurate, and meet the user’s personal preferences. It is expected to become a truly intimate intelligent assistant.

It is also worth mentioning that when the AI ​​assistant is awakened by voice commands, the Snapdragon 765G supports peripheral noise suppression, which can adjust the mobile phone multi-microphone array to “directional acquisition”, which can accurately identify you even in noisy environments. At the same time, the ultra-low power consumption is achieved through the combination of hardware and software, so that AI assistants can always appear in time when they are needed.

Of course, when it comes to the most common application scenarios of AI, you have to mention shooting.

Realme X50

Smart phones equipped with the Snapdragon 765G include a variety of products equipped with rear three-camera or even four-camera. For example, the Realme X50 is equipped with a rear 64-megapixel four-camera combination, which will inevitably involve camera switching. In order to ensure the smoothness of the experience, the Snapdragon 765G can support the smooth switching of multiple cameras, eliminate the frustration during the lens change process, and improve the shooting experience.

Snapdragon 765G Performance

In addition, the Snapdragon 765G integrates Qualcomm Spectra 355 ISP, combined with the performance advantages of the fifth-generation Qualcomm AI Engine, it can realize multi-object recognition and tracking, object segmentation, and other functions. For example, when shooting group portraits, you can use the multi-person facial recognition function supported by the Snapdragon 765G to determine the best shooting position of the person and intercept the most exciting moments. You can also split the main body of the person, complete the background switching, and shoot with a single photo of up to 192 million pixels, leaving users more space for later creation and expanding shooting game-play.

In addition to taking pictures, video creation has also become a high-frequency use scenario for mobile phone users. The Snapdragon 765G can support 4K HDR video shooting, capturing more than 1 billion colors, showing a more realistic picture and rich light and dark details. At the same time, combined with the 5G and Wi-Fi 6 features of the mobile phone, you can quickly upload materials and videos to complete sharing.

The excellent performance of the Snapdragon 765G is also the key to ensuring the experience. It integrates a Kryo 475 CPU with a 2.4GHz super core, a 2.2GHz performance core, and 6 1.8GHz efficiency cores, and the performance is compared to the previous generation. Adreno 620 GPU increased by 20%, can easily deal with various use scenarios. At the same time, as an advanced mobile platform, Snapdragon 765G also provides integrated software and hardware solutions to further enhance the experience.

Gaming Performance

Taking games as an example, the Snapdragon 765G performance-enhanced CPU and GPU can ensure stable and smooth operation, while supporting some Snapdragon Elite Gaming features, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, AI and other functions to achieve system-level game stutter optimization and higher speed 3. Low-latency network connection not only presents more realistic game quality, but also escorts players in pursuit of mobile gaming competitive experience, avoids the impact of network fluctuations, and operates the cloud.

In addition to connection, AI, shooting, and performance, the Snapdragon 765G has another bright spot worthy of attention-energy efficiency. The integrated eight-core CPU of Snapdragon 765G can call different cores according to the usage scenario through heterogeneous architecture to ensure performance while reducing power consumption; the integrated Adreno 620 GPU also achieves a 20% energy efficiency improvement; Wi-Fi supported by Snapdragon 765G 6 Power consumption is reduced by 67%. These series of features can extend the battery life of the mobile phone and provide users with more durable use time.

Snapdragon 765G also supports Quick Charge AI, which is Qualcomm ’s first introduction of AI into the fast charge charging and discharging system, giving full play to the power of the fifth-generation Qualcomm AI Engine, supporting system application scene detection, application usage time information collection, and intelligent adjustment charging Current and other functions, and then intelligently adjust the working efficiency of the system to ensure the best-charging energy efficiency and achieve more reliable battery life management. Qualcomm said that through Quick Charge AI technology, it is possible to achieve a more accurate estimation of remaining battery runtime and an extended battery cycle life of up to 200 days.

Redmi K30 5G

2020 5G Phones

Wanting consumers to choose 2020 5G Phones not only requires operators to speed up 5G deployment but also needs suitable 5G terminals. From a marketing point of view, to accelerate the popularization of 5G globalization, only flagship products are not enough, and entry-level and mid- to high-end markets must be active. Qualcomm sinks its leading 5G technology from the Snapdragon 8 series to the Snapdragon 7 series. The launch of the Snapdragon 765G mobile platform with integrated 5G is to launch a “catfish” to the 5G smartphone market, providing consumers with more variety 5G smart phones, and reduce the cost of replacing 5G equipment, such as the price of Redmi K30 5G starting at only $282 USD or 1999 yuan. In the future, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Series supporting 5G, 5G development will enter a new stage.

In addition to actively promoting the global popularity of 5G, the Snapdragon 765G mobile platform can be equipped with comprehensive features of mid-to-high-end smartphones, such as Wi-Fi 6, more powerful AI performance, smooth switching of multiple rear cameras, 4K HDR video shooting, and immersive gaming Experience, safer and more efficient Quick Charge AI technology, etc., make these 2020 5G Phones a versatile and powerful value for money.

If you want to switch, but you do not have the budget to buy a flagship, then a 5G smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 765G is one of the best choices.

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